Live Stream Auctions allow you to bid online in real time as the auction takes place. The auctioneer talks to the bidders through a live video feed and the bidders are able to 'click to bid' as the auction takes place. You can watch a video demo of this below. 


Taking part in a live stream auction is simple.

1.  Find the Live Stream auction in which you wish to bid. 

2. Then 'Register for the Auction' - this will allocate you a bidding paddle. 

3.  15 minutes before the auction begins, the 'Live Stream Coming Soon' link will change to 'Enter the Live Stream'. Clicking this link to join the auction. For the best live streaming experience, we recommend closing down all other web browser windows. 

4.  Once you 'Enter the Live Stream' you will be able to choose how the auctioneer and other bidders see your name.

This will appear on the auctioneer's screen as well as online in a bidding ledger that shows who is bidding, or has bid, during the auction. So if you would prefer to keep your bidding private, then make sure to select 'Anonymous'.

Your Name, Location and Paddle number
Anonymous, Location and Paddle Number
Anonymous and your Paddle Number

5. When the auctioneer starts the bidding, the 'Current bid' price will change on the screen in front of you as will the option to bid. Bidding follows a set pattern of bidding increments. If you would like to bid, simply click the next bid increment. You will see when you have been out bid and will have the option to bid again. 

4. A screen will appear to confirm you have won the lot and you will be emailed after the auction with the payment details. 

You can register for an auction as soon as the date is announced. You can join a live stream auction at any time.