There is nothing like the buzz of bidding in person in an auction room. These four steps are all you need to take to make it possible.

1. Find the artwork you want to buy and select 'Download Paddle’.

2. You’ll be emailed your auction paddle number. This number is unique to you and that specific auction. This means that you can bid on any work in the auction, but if you want to bid in another auction you will need to request a new number.

3. Take your paddle number to the auction. You can either print it out as a paper copy or save it to your phone or tablet.

4. Now you are ready to start bidding.

The auctioneer will begin by announcing the price level where the bidding is going to start for your lot. If you are happy with this price, then just give them a wave to show you are keen to buy it. The auctioneer will acknowledge your bid and then look to see if there is anyone else who also wants to make an offer for the lot.

If you are outbid by another person (i.e. they offer a higher bid) the auctioneer will always come back to you to see if you would like to bid again. Bidding follows a set pattern of 'bidding increments'. But if you are ever in doubt of what the next bid will be, just ask the auctioneer. They want to make the auction as easy as possible so will be more than happy to tell you.

The bidding keeps going until there are no further bids at which point the lot is sold to the highest bidder – if this is you then congratulations. Now show your bidding paddle to the auctioneer who will make a note of your number. Payment instructions will be emailed to you and once paid you can take the lot home to enjoy.